Spin Expo Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Trends

6 Aug

As a new autumn/winter season dawns, we are entering into a time of re-invention, rejuvenation and exploration. We value the concept of time, to have clearly defined aspects of our lives and to express our individualism; however, it is not retrospective in any way. We are moving forward with new ideas, passing through time with a need to playescapeexplore and shine. It is time to leave the past behind.

More and More People Working Or Studying From Home
We consume less, and in the world of fashion, this means recycling, re-utilizing buttons, ribbons, hooks and cords, macramé and patchwork, a return to crafting, learning to knit and crochet, and to accessorize.

This makes it a season of contrasts and alternatives, a time to lead not follow, not professing one clear path but instead allowing a scope for diversity, fusion and an ability to construct our own unique looks.

Color plays a powerful role in this invention. Strong, rich saturation is essential with colors that are warm and positive. There is a sense of glowing that comes not only from the level of color, but also in sheen and metallic finishes.

Yarns and fabrics equally express developed interest by creating surface effects of all types: textures, sheen, diffused aspects and surface hair, and multi-color looks achieved through blending, twisting and printing. A time to be showy and expressive, novelty yarns and fabric developments overtake re-works of blends, and this is where the newness emerges.

However, the emphasis on fibre is very important, but not lost in a complicated blend. Instead the specialness of yarn can also be created by taking a brave position on the fibre, be it the diffusion of mohair, the sumptuousness of silk or the iridescence of metallics.

It is a time to move away from playing it safe with the classic and plain. Now is a time to take a stand for being special, unique and therefore creating the desire to own.

Our ideas and developments at Spin Expo take you through four passages of time, each one exploring its own unique experience, allowing you to let the new inventions begin.

design, fashion

Trend - Play

Trend - Escape

Trend - Explore

Trend - Shine


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